Building a Car Accident Claim? Avoid These Common Mistakes

rear-end collision

There are countless ways to jeopardize a car accident claim. Building a strong case starts before even leaving the scene, after all, and there’s no shortage of potential missteps from that point on. 

Fortunately, avoiding critical mistakes is as easy as familiarizing yourself with them. If you’re putting together a claim, make sure to refrain from doing the following:

1. Discussing the Situation on Record 

Once the insurance companies that have a stake in the outcome of the associated claims learn of the accident, they’re going to reach out to all those who were involved. Despite how insistent they might be, you should refrain from giving them a recorded statement. 

Discussing what happened in the crash or what kinds of injuries you’re dealing with in the aftermath opens the door for disputes down the road. Should you say anything that ends up being inaccurate, the insurance adjuster will no doubt use it to challenge your credibility. 

2. Posting About the Accident on Social Media 

Social media posts also open the door for disputes. Even seemingly innocuous content, like photos of a dinner out with friends, could cause the entire foundation of your claim to crumble. As such, it’s best to lay low on social media—or even disable your profiles temporarily—until your case has been resolved. 

3. Accepting the Carrier’s First Offer 

While there might be a few exceptions, it’s generally unadvisable to accept the first offer in any kind of negotiation. Depending on your financial situation in the wake of the wreck, it might be tempting to settle your claim as quickly as possible, but there’s a good chance the carrier’s first offer will be more favorable to them than to you. 

If the proposed settlement seems fair—or even downright generous—and you’re thinking about accepting it regardless, at least consult a personal injury attorney before proceeding. After evaluating the circumstances, they’ll let you know whether you’re leaving money on the table.  

4. Neglecting Your Recovery 

No matter how much else you have going on, your first priority after a crash should be your health. Visit a doctor as soon as possible after the accident, and make sure to attend all follow-up appointments as well. 

Seeking prompt care will ensure all your injuries are addressed before serious complications can arise. It will also show the insurance adjuster that you’re committed to mitigating damages, which is essential for seeking the maximum payout possible. 

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