When Might a Trucking Company Be Liable for a Crash?

18 wheeler on highway

Large truck crashes tend to leave immense devastation in their wake. When a fully loaded big rig collides with a small passenger vehicle, serious injuries and extensive property damage are all but inevitable. Put another way, the associated losses typically add up fast. 

While victims are usually entitled to compensation, they must determine who was liable for the accident before they can seek it. Those who are to blame will come down to the circumstances surrounding the wreck. More often than not, however, the motor carrier can expect to be named in any subsequent claims.

This is because most truck accidents are attributed to driver error, and most employers are liable for any damages their employees cause while on the job. If you’re wondering about specific scenarios, though, read on. Should any of the following apply to your case, there’s a good chance the trucking company is at least partially liable for your losses:

1. The Trucker Fell Asleep Behind the Wheel 

Operating a commercial vehicle in traffic for hours on end is incredibly tiring. Since drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) implemented hours of service regulations, which limit how long truckers can stay on the road. 

Unfortunately, many transportation companies pressure their drivers into violating these regulations so they can reach their destinations sooner. If the driver who struck you was asleep at the time, it’s highly likely he or she had violated the hours of service limitations, too. 

2. The Trucker Was Poorly Trained 

Trucking companies have an obligation to give their drivers adequate training before sending them on long hauls. To ensure the safety of everyone on the road around them, the drivers are expected to be incredibly familiar with all aspects of operating their big rig. When motor carriers fail to train their drivers sufficiently, they can be held liable for any wrecks that result. 

3. The Trucker Was a Risky Hire 

Trucking companies also have an obligation to conduct background checks on all their drivers. If they hire someone who poses a major risk to other motorists—perhaps he or she has multiple DUI convictions, for example—they can be deemed liable for any collisions attributed to the employee. 

For this reason, your attorney will want to investigate the trucker’s history. If there’s anything that indicates he or she was a risky hire, your legal team will probably use such information to bolster your case.  

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