4 Social Media Strategies for Car Accident Claimants

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Whether you have good news or bad, where’s the first place you turn? If you’re like most Americans, the answer is probably a social media platform. 

In the digital age, connecting with loved ones online has become second nature. Before you post about your car accident on Facebook or Twitter, though, you should stop and consider the potential ramifications. 

The insurance adjuster will undoubtedly try to access your profiles when processing your case, and if they spot any discrepancies between what you say online and what you claim to them, it could hurt your credibility. For this reason, car accident attorneys advise their clients to stay offline altogether. 

If that’s not an option, you can at least reduce the likelihood of jeopardizing your case by doing the following:

1. Activate Stricter Privacy Settings 

Navigate to the settings on each platform and check the privacy level. If you haven’t already enabled the strictest level—i.e., if your profile can be seen by the public—toggle the option until you have. This will make it much harder for the insurance adjuster to monitor all your content. 

2. Screen New Requests Carefully 

After activating the strictest privacy settings, you’re going to have to approve all new friends or followers manually. Before hitting “Accept” on each request, make sure you actually know the person behind the profile. If any strangers reach out, they could be working for the insurance adjuster, so it’s best to ignore them for the time being.  

3. Avoid Posting Anything Personal 

Since you can’t be sure how the insurance adjuster will try to spin what you publish so they can use it against you, it’s best to avoid posting anything at all about your personal life. This includes details about your recovery, your financial status, and your social outings. 

4. Avoid Sharing Articles About the Accident 

Sharing an article about the collision—even if it’s from a reputable publication—is risky. By posting it, you’re essentially endorsing it. If it happens to contain any errors, which isn’t all that uncommon, the insurance adjuster may feel justified in questioning your judgement.  

What Else Can I Do to Strengthen My Car Accident Claim?

Using social media sensibly isn’t the only way to bolster your case. You can also support your legal team’s efforts by:

  • Following your doctor’s orders,
  • Preserving all correspondence from the insurance adjuster,
  • Refusing to give a recorded statement,
  • Saving evidence from the scene,
  • Requesting copies of all medical records, and
  • Compiling documentation for injury-related expenses. 

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