What Our Clients Say

At Brown, Bass & Jeter, we strive not only to achieve favorable outcomes in our clients’ cases, but also to make the legal proceedings as stress-free as possible for every individual and family we represent. We respond to emails and phone calls quickly, provide regular updates on cases, and make ourselves available after office hours and on weekends to answer questions. On this page, you will find just a few testimonials from our many satisfied clients.

Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

“I love the way attorneys Katrina Brown and LaToya Jeter were very concerned through the whole process of my case, Thanks.”  F.S.

“All three attorneys are amazing. This experience was easy because they are so good at what they do.” J.G.

“You all are great, keep up the good work.” J.B.

I would recommend BBJ to others “because I want everyone to see how good they do their job. They are strong and very aggressive toward you case” Q.F.

The attorneys at BBJ “helped me a lot, and I like the way they worked on my case.” D.C.

“I would like to thank attorney Katrina Brown for helping me with my case and making sure I received a good amount of money from my claim.”  A.G.

“I enjoyed the whole experience, attorney Jeter walked me through every step of the process. BBJ was a great experience.” K.S.

“They are very professional and keep you informed on your case and answer questions at any time. I am so please I was informed about BBJ. I plan to recommend this firm to all my friends.” V.B.

“BBJ is a very strong and dependable law firm.” J.B.

“BBJ has a strong team. They get things done and never leave you alone.”  K.S.

“Attorney LaToya Jeter kept an open line of communication with me and my daughter. I really appreciated her  transparency during the settlement process. She was very knowledgeable and resourceful during the process” P.T.

“Attorneys Brown and Jeter are responsive , knowledgeable and kind. They are great at what they do.”  J.G.

“Attorneys Brown and Jeter took a lot of time to listen to us and answered all of our questions. I even changed phone numbers and moved without telling them my new contact information and they found me and kept in contact.” T.S.

“I think Katrina did a great job from start to finish on both of my cases.” C.S.

“Katrina has always been so nice and helpful. Things work out better when she’s taking care of them and not us. She makes things easy, even her voice puts you at ease.” M.S.

“When I needed advice or did not understand something, they were always there to help me. Even though I was a nervous wreck, attorney Brown was always there and a step ahead.” S.S.

“Y ’all are awesome.” Q.F.

“You all will be my family attorney as long as you are in business. I thank God for BBJ.” K.H.

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