Evidence to Support Your Drunk Driving Accident Claim

Evidence to Support Your Drunk Driving Accident Claim

A drunk driving accident can derail your entire life. The sheer senselessness of getting behind the wheel while under the influence is arguably the most frustrating aspect of these crashes. Unlike some wrecks, those caused by an impaired motorist are 100 percent preventable. 

Fortunately, that means victims are almost always entitled to compensation. If you were hit by a drunk driver and you’re planning on filing a claim, here are the pieces of evidence you’ll likely need to present to have a chance of securing a payout:

1. Toxicology Reports 

The motorist who struck you probably underwent several blood and breath tests in the aftermath of the crash. Naturally, the results of these tests will play a critical role in the proceedings. While proving the driver was drunk won’t automatically put all the blame on him or her—the mechanics of the collision will ultimately determine fault—it will undoubtedly bolster your credibility.

2. Video Footage 

In today’s day and age, it’s highly likely that the crash was captured by cameras. For example, vehicles in the vicinity may have been equipped with dashboard cameras. There may have also been surveillance systems overlooking the scene. 

If there is any clear footage of the accident, your legal team will want to obtain it as soon as possible. Most camera systems eventually overwrite their recordings in an effort to maximize storage space. 

3. Eyewitness Testimony 

It’s also highly likely that other people witnessed the crash. Some motorists or passengers may have even seen the impaired motorist driving erratically prior to the wreck. 

Since firsthand accounts become less reliable as time goes on, though, your car accident attorney will want to start interviewing eyewitnesses immediately. That means if you were able to obtain the names and phone numbers of those who saw what happened, you should bring them to your initial consultation. 

4. Medical Records

Every winning car accident claim is supported by evidence of not only liability but also losses. Typically, medical records serve as the foundation of the damages portions of the claim because they indicate a link between the incident in question and the injuries—and associated losses—that resulted. Records that will contribute to your case might include diagnostic images, hospital intake forms, periodic evaluations, prescription paperwork, and assessments by relevant specialists. 

When putting together your damages claim, you should also be prepared to present evidence of both your monetary and non-monetary losses. This might include health insurance statements, pay stubs, receipts, bills, invoices, mental health evaluations, and daily journal entries. 

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