How to Support Your Spouse While He or She Is Recovering from Car Accident Injuries 

How to Support Your Spouse While He or She Is Recovering from Car Accident Injuries 

If your husband or wife was seriously hurt in a car accident, it’s natural to feel powerless. In fact, in a lot of ways, watching a loved one suffer is far worse than being injured yourself. 

You should be able to take some comfort, however, in the fact that you’re not actually powerless. You may not be able to restore your spouse’s health or wellbeing, but you can certainly support his or her mental health while facilitating the physical healing process. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to do so:

1. Be a Patient Advocate

Everyone should have an advocate when facing a health crisis, and you can serve as the one for your spouse. Advocating from someone in a medical setting means scheduling and attending all appointments, asking questions about the proposed treatments, seeking second opinions as needed, and ensuring the patient follows all their doctor’s orders. 

2. Celebrate Milestones of Every Size 

Over the course of your spouse’s recovery, every win—small and large—should be celebrated. After getting seriously hurt in a wreck, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed at all the hurdles that lie ahead. 

Acknowledging everything from the removal of wound dressings to the completion of various feats in physical therapy will have an incredible positive impact on your husband or wife’s mental health. He or she will be reminded there’s progress to be made every day. Moreover, he or she will realize that even though the journey to maximum medical improvement is a long one, it’s a worthwhile one. 

3. Create Small Moments of Joy 

Depression and anxiety are common among car accident victims, especially if they were fairly active prior to getting hurt. Giving your spouse small moments of joy will make it easier for him or her to cope with all the negative emotions that he or she is facing. 

These moments don’t have to be extravagant, nor do they have to cost a lot of money. You know your spouse best, so chances are you have at least a few ideas, but some common examples for creating joy include:

  • Sharing gourmet coffee and pastries in the afternoon,
  • Using the downtime to read books or watch documentaries you’ve always wanted to discuss with each other,
  • Organizing video chats with friends and loved ones who live far away,
  • Playing board games as a family,
  • Doing puzzles together, and
  • Starting a new hobby together.

You can also encourage your closest loved ones to get creative. Chances are they’ll want to provide joy, too, so the burden doesn’t lie entirely on you. Remember: The more help you accept from others, the easier it will be to continue caring for your spouse, and the less likely you are to burn out. 

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