How Soon After a Car Accident Should I Call a Lawyer?

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There’s always so much to do in the wake of a wreck that calling an attorney often takes a backseat. If there’s even a chance you have grounds for a claim, though, it’s wise to enlist legal help right away. That typically means hiring a car accident lawyer as soon as your condition stabilizes, regardless of what else might be on your to-do list.

Here are some of the biggest reasons to reach out to an attorney immediately following a crash:

1. Valuable Evidence May Be Time-Sensitive 

For your car accident claim to have a chance of yielding a payout, you’re going to have to prove both liability and damages. Proving liability starts with demonstrating fault, which will inevitably demand compelling evidence. 

Unfortunately, some of the strongest proof may not be available indefinitely. In the weeks or months following the wreck, it might be altered or even destroyed, leaving behind little trace of the truth.

By calling a lawyer as soon as possible, you’re giving your legal team the opportunity to gather time-sensitive evidence while it’s still available. Such evidence might include black box data, truck driver logs, dash camera footage, and surveillance recordings. 

It’s also worth noting that eyewitness testimony becomes increasingly less reliable as time goes on. As such, you’ll want your lawyer to reach out promptly to those who saw the crash, while the details are still vivid in their minds. 

2. There Are Strict Filing Deadlines for Going to Court

If the opposing party is uncooperative for some reason and settling proves impossible, proceeding to trial may be the only way to pursue the compensation you deserve. Since Mississippi has strict statutes of limitation for doing so, it’s wise to commence the claims process as soon as you can.  

For suits founded on negligence, the typical filing deadline is three years. Those involving intent to harm, on the other hand, must be brought within just one year from the date on which the incident occurred. There are a few exceptions to these statutes, however, so you should never assume you have plenty of time to go to court without first consulting an attorney. 

3. It’s Easy to Make Inadvertent Mistakes  

As soon as you enlist legal help, you can go back to focusing on your recovery and your family while your claim proceeds in good hands. By letting your lawyer handle virtually every aspect of your case, you eliminate the chance that you might jeopardize it in some way since you’re unfamiliar with tort law.

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