How Soon After a Truck Accident Should I Call a Personal Injury Attorney? 

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There’s always so much to do after a truck accident that calling an attorney is rarely a priority. In fact, it may not even make it on your to-do list. 

If you were recently hurt in a large truck crash and think you might have grounds for legal action, though, it’s wise to consult a lawyer sooner rather than later. Here are some of the biggest reasons why:

1. Valuable Evidence May Be Time-Sensitive 

In order to secure a payout from the at-fault party, you’re going to have to prove both liability and damages. Depending on the circumstances, some of the most important pieces of evidence you’ll need may not be available indefinitely.

For example, motor carriers are only obligated to preserve their drivers’ logs for six months. In that same vein, dash camera footage can be overwritten in a matter of weeks, as can black box data. By calling an attorney right away, you’re giving your legal team the chance to gather all such evidence before it’s altered or destroyed.

2. The Insurance Adjuster May Demand a Statement

As soon as the motor carrier’s insurer learns of the accident, they’re going to send an adjuster to request a statement from every party that was involved. It’s in your best interests to refrain from saying anything on record, however, so early in the proceedings. 

Until you’ve completed your own comprehensive investigation and reached maximum medical improvement, giving any kind of statement opens the door for discrepancies down the road. Thankfully, you won’t have to deal with the opposing party at all once you hire an attorney. You can simply refer all correspondence to your legal team. This, in turn, will keep the insurance adjuster from manipulating you into jeopardizing your claim inadvertently.   

3. The Damages Are Going to Start Adding up Right Away 

From medical bills to lost wages, you’re going to start incurring losses immediately following the wreck. By hiring a lawyer right away, you can ensure you don’t overlook any of them. 

Your attorney will start tracking all recoverable damages from day one, so you can seek the maximum payout possible. In addition to preserving receipts and invoices, following up with healthcare providers, and consulting economists, your lawyer will help you determine how best to log your non-economic damages. This might include keeping a daily journal and undergoing a psychological evaluation. 

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