How to Help Your Car Accident Attorney Strengthen Your Claim

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If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, you’re probably wondering how to give your subsequent personal injury claim the best chance of success. Hiring a seasoned attorney is a good place to start. 

A knowledgeable and resourceful attorney can investigate the crash, compile evidence, log damages, handle the insurance adjuster, and protect your rights every step of the way. There are a few things you can do, however, to support their efforts and ultimately give your claim an edge. Read on to learn what they are:

1. Visit a Doctor Right Away

Even if you were able to walk away from the scene of the crash, it’s imperative that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Some injuries may not be immediately apparent, but if they don’t get immediate treatment, serious complications could arise. 

Visiting a doctor right away will also make it easier to prove causation, since it will ensure a legitimate paper trail that links the incident in question to your injuries. 

2. Follow All Medical Advice

Once you start treatment, make sure to prioritize it above all else. This means attending all follow-up exams, taking medication as directed, and listening to your doctor’s orders in general. 

Personal injury claimants, including those who were hurt in auto wrecks, are expected to take reasonable measures to mitigate damages. 

3. Preserve All Documentation of Damages 

Keep details records of all the expenses you wouldn’t have incurred had you not gotten hurt. Examples of such expenses include medical bills and car repair bills.

You should also track any wages you lose while out of work recovering, since you can include them in your claim. 

4. Lay Low on Social Media

If you’re active on social media, the insurance adjuster will probably monitor your content in an attempt to find cause to challenge your claim. As such, it’s wise to lay low online as long as your claim is pending. If you cannot disable your accounts temporarily, at least activate the strictest privacy settings and consider how your posts might be interpreted before hitting “Publish.”

5. Be Honest with Your Legal Team 

Be honest with your attorney about everything related to the accident. Your legal team must know all the facts, so they can help you build the strongest claim possible. This includes details about any pre-existing conditions, past accidents, or injuries that may have been aggravated by the current accident. 

You should also be totally transparent about what happened. If you think you might have contributed to the crash in some way, for example—perhaps you were speeding just before it occurred—let your lawyer know, so they can determine the most strategic way to proceed. 

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