How to Prepare for Your Initial Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney

If you’re recovering from serious injuries that someone else caused and you’re planning on consulting an attorney about it, you’re on the right track. A seasoned personal injury lawyer can investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident and, assuming you have grounds for a claim, help you devise a strategy for proceeding. 

While a resourceful professional will be equipped to handle virtually every aspect of your claim, you can support their efforts from day one by doing a few things to prepare for your first meeting. To ensure your consultation is as productive as possible—and your case gets off to a strong start—take the following steps before heading to the office:

1. Gather Any Evidence Already in Your Possession 

As attorney Michael D. Waks explains, if you happen to have any evidence from the scene of the accident, store it in a safe place until you can give it to your legal team. Examples include photographs, video footage, and eyewitness testimony. Police reports or other incident reports could also bolster your claim. 

2. Start a Journal 

As soon as possible after the accident, start writing in a journal. Daily entries about your injuries and the everyday challenges they pose will strengthen your claim, especially when it comes time to demonstrate damages. 

3. Track Your Injury-Related Expenses

If you have valid grounds for a claim, practically all the expenses you wouldn’t have incurred had you not gotten hurt are recoverable; however, you’re going to have to prove that you were actually responsible for them in order to account for them during the negotiations. 

While your legal team can dig up all associated damages to estimate the potential value of your claim, you can give them a jumping off point by compiling relevant receipts, invoices, and banking statements. Documentation worth bringing to your consultation includes medical bills, health insurance statements, pharmacy receipts, paystubs, and invoices for reasonable and necessary replacement services like housekeeping and meal preparation. 

4. Adjust Your Social Media Settings 

If you remain active on social media, it’s going to make your attorney’s job a lot harder. Insurance adjusters often take to monitoring online activity in the hopes that they’ll find cause to challenge the claimant’s credibility. 

As such, lawyers often advise clients to stay off social media. If that’s not possible, at least enable the strictest privacy settings, and scrutinize all your posts before hitting “Publish.” If there’s even a chance the content could be misconstrued and used against you, avoid posting it. 

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