Employment Attorney Mississippi

Employment Attorney Mississippi

Based in Jackson, Mississippi, the distinguished attorneys at Brown, Bass & Jeter excel in employment law, representing both employers and employees in complex cases. We offer comprehensive legal solutions, balancing the needs of both sides with care and integrity.

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Employment Lawyers for Employers and Employees

The seasoned legal professionals at Brown, Bass & Jeter have extensive experience in all practice areas of employment law, serving both employers and employees with equal diligence and dedication.

Our team offers a comprehensive selection of legal services, including handling discrimination and harassment cases, mediating wage and hour disputes, and managing severance agreements and employment contracts.

We pride ourselves on our balanced approach, ensuring that each case is met with a wider understanding of both employer and employee perspectives. Our commitment to delivering top-tier legal counsel and equitable solutions sets us apart as a leading choice for all employment-related legal needs.

Navigating Employment Cases in Mississippi

When it comes to employment disputes, both workers and their employers have clear rights and protections under the law. Here’s how our firm helps protect and uphold those rights for each party.

Representation of Employers

Employers face an ever-growing list of federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations governing employment activities.

We offer creative, practical, and proactive approaches to reduce employment-related risks and improve our clients’ relationships with employees and, where applicable, unions. Our team works closely with human resources personnel to review employment policies and evaluate the need for revisions.

We’ll help you negotiate the labyrinth of employment law, including the following areas:

  • Discrimination, retaliation, and harassment.
  • Wage and hour violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • Family and medical leave.
  • Disability-related issues.
  • Employment restrictive covenants, including non-compete, non-solicitation, non-disclosure, and no-hire agreements.
  • Employee benefit issues.
  • Charges of discrimination filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and state agencies.
  • Employment contracts, employee handbooks, manuals, application forms, and employment policies and procedures.

In addition to representing employers in various legal matters, we provide consultations to help our clients avoid costly employment-related litigation. Our attorneys serve in the dual role of lawyers and trusted business advisors to both union and non-union employers in virtually every industry.

Representation of Employees

Employees who have lost their jobs or been subjected to unlawful acts of discrimination, retaliation, or harassment need reliable legal assistance in order to protect their rights.

Losing a job or being forced to tolerate oppressive working conditions is highly stressful. We work with employees experiencing these problems to stop unfair or illegal workplace conduct before it causes additional economic or emotional harm.

Our experienced attorneys are ready to advocate on your behalf if you believe you have been terminated or treated wrongly in the following situations:

  • Discrimination: If you’ve been wrongfully terminated or demoted because of your sex, race, age disability condition, or pregnancy, you may be entitled to compensation.
  • Retaliation: If you’ve been retaliated against for complaining about sexual harassment or discrimination or reporting fraud or illegal activity, you’ve been treated unlawfully and may be able to sue.
  • Whistleblower Actions: Those who report or refuse to go along with illegal activity, such as waste, abuse, or fraud, may qualify for whistleblower protection.
  • Sexual Harassment: If you’ve been subjected to sexual harassment or retaliated against for complaining about sexual harassment, our firm will fight for your rights.
  • Hostile Work Environment: If you’ve been forced to work in a hostile environment on account of some aspect of your identity or because you complained about such conduct, we can correct the situation and protect your rights as an employee.
  • Unpaid Overtime: Laws require companies to pay overtime to hourly employees — if you haven’t been fairly compensated for your overtime hours, we can help.
  • Off-the-Clock Pay: We can also help you get compensation for off-the-clock pay, which you’re entitled to whether you performed the work on or off your usual job site.
  • Meal and Rest Breaks: There are no laws requiring you to work during a meal or rest break, so you may be entitled to remuneration if you’ve been forced to work or your employer refuses to pay you for work performed during breaks.

Along with these services, our attorneys will also pursue all possible remedies for those who have already lost their jobs, which often involves seeking compensation for the losses they’ve sustained.

How We Can Assist You with a Labor Lawsuit

If you’re considering taking legal action over an employment dispute, contact Brown, Bass & Jeter today to speak with a qualified employment attorney. We can guide you through the ensuing process and make sure your case is handled with the care it deserves.

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Why Should You Hire a Labor and Employment Lawyer in Jackson, MS?

Retaining the services of an employment attorney in Jackson can be beneficial for several reasons, especially in complex workplace situations. Among other things, an attorney can provide crucial guidance on the legal system and provide representation in employment-related litigation.

Here are a few key reasons you might consider hiring an employment lawyer:

  • Knowledge of Local and Federal Laws: Employment laws can be extremely nuanced, and they vary by state; an attorney well-versed in both Mississippi law and federal regulations can build a winning case on your behalf.
  • Experience With a Range of Legal Issues: Employment attorneys handle a wide variety of cases, including wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, wage and hour disputes, and contract negotiations.
  • Protection of Your Rights: Your attorney will ensure that your rights as an employee are protected and advocate on your behalf, especially in situations where there might be an imbalance of power in the workplace.
  • Skilled Negotiation: Your legal ally can also assist by negotiating settlements or employment contracts, putting your interests first.
  • Guidance Through the Legal Process: If legal action is necessary, your employment lawyer will be by your side every step of the way, from filing a claim to representing you in court.
  • Risk Mitigation: For employers, consulting an employment attorney can help with the creation of policies and practices that comply with labor laws, reducing potential legal liability.
  • Objective Advice: An attorney can provide trustworthy and impartial counsel regarding your situation to help you understand your options and the potential outcomes of different actions.

Schedule a free consultation with an employment attorney at Brown, Bass & Jeter to learn more about how we can aid you in your case.

Why Choose Brown, Bass & Jeter?

Working with Brown, Bass & Jeter means partnering with a firm that makes your legal success the top priority. Here are three key benefits of working with us:

Unmatched Legal Knowledge

Dealing with employment and labor disputes requires the knowledge of a legal professional with experience in multiple practice areas. Our employment attorneys are here to provide dependable counsel on subjects like employee benefits, bankruptcy, business law, real estate, litigation, and healthcare.

Personalized Approach

We give every case our undivided attention, with strategies customized to fit each client’s specific needs and goals. This tailored approach allows us to offer more targeted and effective legal solutions.

Proven Track Record

Our firm boasts a long history of favorable outcomes. These successes demonstrate our ability to handle complex employment law cases with skill and efficacy and have earned us a reputation for excellence.

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Great experience from the beginning to end. The entire process was geared toward the Client and Family. You was told what would happen and what the expectations would be. No surprise. Communication was clear and precise. You made it so easy. Thanks Ms Jeter.
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When I say Ms.Katrina will get the job done a true attorney hears your concerns and takes action on your behalf follows up with you doesn't leave you in the blind. She truly worked for my interest and helped me which is rare to find, highly recommend and will have my business if need be again.
Joyniesha Thompson
Very Successful, I'm Proud To Call You Family!
Rodrick Carter
Talk to an Employment Law Attorney in Jackson Today

Talk to an Employment Law Attorney in Jackson Today

Contact the trusted legal professionals at Brown, Bass & Jeter for all your employment law needs. We consider it a privilege to be able to serve our clients with superior guidance and representation on matters involving labor and employment law.

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