Should I Call a Car Accident Attorney? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Decide

cars after t-bone collision

Car accident injuries can derail virtually every aspect of your life. In addition to the physical and emotional consequences, for example, there are often devastating financial implications. Thankfully, victims are often entitled to compensation. 

The easiest way to determine whether you happen to be one of them is by consulting an attorney. A knowledgeable professional can evaluate the situation from all angles and then help you devise a strategic way forward, so you can seek every dollar you deserve. 

Since there’s always a lot to do in the wake of a wreck, though, you may be wondering whether calling a lawyer is even worth it. To help you decide, here are four questions you should ask yourself:

1. Was Someone or Something to Blame for the Crash?

It’s incredibly rare for a motor-vehicle collision to be an utter fluke. In almost all cases, someone—or something—is to blame for the accident. As long as you can identify the culprit, you should be able to hold them accountable. That means unless you’re certain the crash was a fluke—which is essentially impossible to know until you’ve conducted an investigation—it’s probably worth calling an attorney. 

2. How Much of a Role Did I Play in the Accident? 

If you were wholly responsible for the collision, you’re not going to have grounds for a claim. The good news, however, is that you’re not barred from recovery if you merely played a role in the accident. 

Under Mississippi’s pure comparative fault rule, a plaintiff’s right to damages is simply reduced by his or her own liability. Put another way, if you’re deemed 25 percent liable, you may still seek compensation for 75 percent of the damages you incur. 

3. Did I Sustain Injuries That Demanded Medical Attention?

Sometimes, minor accidents cause little more than a few bumps and bruises. If you didn’t need any medical attention whatsoever, you probably won’t have grounds for a personal injury claim. As such, an attorney may not be much help. If, on the other hand, you needed treatment for your injuries, a lawyer should be able to help you put together a compelling claim. 

4. Can I Prove That I Incurred Actual Damages as a Result of the Crash?

Every winning car accident claim is supported by lots of evidence of damages. In order to secure compensation, you must be able to convince the insurance adjuster—or the judge and jury—that you suffered actual losses as a direct result of the opposing party’s negligence. If you incurred damages but you’re not entirely sure how to prove as much, call a resourceful car accident attorney sooner rather than later.  

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