What Should I Do After Getting Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident?

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Building a strong motorcycle accident claim starts at the scene, and it continues in the days and weeks that follow. In other words, the steps you take—or fail to take—in the aftermath will have a major impact on the outcome of your claim. 

If you’re unsure what to do, start with the following tasks, which should be prioritized above all else:

1. Undergo a Medical Exam

If you were able to walk away from the scene, you may not feel inclined to visit a doctor. Since impact injuries can have latent symptoms, though, it’s imperative to undergo an exam as soon as possible, even if you feel relatively fine. 

Seeking timely medical care will ensure your injuries receive prompt treatment, thereby reducing the risk of complications. The associated paper trail will also help you prove causation later, during the claims process. 

2. Preserve Evidence You’ve Already Gathered 

If managed to compile any evidence before leaving the scene, put it in a safe place until you can give it to your legal team. Such evidence might include photographs of the wreckage, statements from eyewitnesses, and official reports. 

3. Start a Journal 

Immediately following the accident—ideally later that same day—start a journal. Detailed entries about your condition and its impact on your everyday life will be invaluable when it comes time to demonstrate non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

To ensure your claim for non-monetary losses is as strong as possible, write about:

  • The severity of any pain or discomfort your injuries cause,
  • The side effects of any medication you must take,
  • The social outings you’re unable to attend because of your condition, and
  • The hurdles you face when trying to complete simple tasks. 

4. Record Injury-Related Expenses

Virtually all the expenses that you wouldn’t have incurred had you not gotten hurt are recoverable. Before the insurer will compensate you, however, they’re going to want to see that you actually suffered the losses you claim. As such, it’s imperative to save all the receipts, invoices, and other documents that correspond to your injury-related expenses. 

5. Call a Personal Injury Lawyer 

Enlisting help right away will give your legal team the chance to obtain time-sensitive evidence before it’s destroyed. For example, they’ll have the opportunity to request any available black box data or dash camera footage before it’s overwritten. They’ll also get to depose eyewitnesses while the details surrounding the wreck are still fresh in their minds. 

Finally, your attorney will handle all correspondence with the opposing party. As long as they serve as a barrier between you and the insurance adjuster, the opposing party cannot manipulate you into jeopardizing your claim inadvertently. 

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