What Should I Look for in a Spinal Cord Injury Attorney?

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Finding the right attorney to handle your spinal cord injury (SCI) claim can be challenging. Not all firms are equipped to represent those who sustained permanent damage, suffering catastrophic losses in the process.

In other words, it’s essential that you do your due diligence when evaluating spinal cord injury lawyers. With so much at stake, you shouldn’t hire just anyone to take your case.

Thankfully, you’ll know you’re in good hands once you find an attorney who possesses the following qualities:

1. Relevant Experience

While every personal injury claim is unique, those that involve similar scenarios generally call for similar strategies. For example, if you were hurt in a large truck crash, you should look for a lawyer who has a track record of taking on even the largest motor carriers and winning. If, on the other hand, you sustained an SCI after slipping and falling at a place of business, you’ll need counsel from someone who’s well-versed in premises liability. 

2. Integrity

Unfortunately, not all attorneys are committed to practicing with honesty. Even though legal proceedings are inherently unpredictable, for example, some lawyers will promise to achieve a sizable settlement for prospective clients just to secure their business.

As long as your financial security is in jeopardy, though, you deserve guidance from a compassionate professional who’s willing to discuss all potential outcomes with you. While a knowledgeable attorney can certainly estimate the potential value of your claim, a reputable lawyer will never guarantee a particular payout.

3. Accessibility

When questions or concerns arise over the course of the proceedings, you’re due answers, and you deserve to get them promptly. As such, you’ll want to make sure the firm you’re considering doesn’t leave clients hanging.

For example, will they give you a direct means of contact to your attorney in question? If not, what is their callback policy, and how quickly do they respond to email inquiries?

4. Trial Experience

Although most personal injury claims are settled, a small percentage of cases do end up in court. Since you’re likely seeking a significant payout—the damages resulting from an SCI, after all, can add up fast—there’s a good chance the at-fault party will challenge at least some aspect of your claim (if they don’t dispute liability altogether).

As such, it’s wise to find a lawyer who has litigation experience. Should you end up having to go to trial, you’ll want counsel from someone who can prepare your case for count and then help you navigate every stage of the subsequent proceedings.

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