What to Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

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If you have reason to believe an elderly loved one is being neglected or abused by nursing home staff, it’s natural to be enraged. Since holding the facility accountable is going to demand a number of calculated maneuvers, however, it’s imperative that you don’t do anything rash.

If it turns out your suspicions are correct, you’ll be able to give your family’s case the best chance of success by taking the following steps:

1. Ensure the Victim’s Health and Safety

Upon realizing your loved one is receiving substandard care, your first priority will inevitably be protecting their wellbeing. Make the accommodations needed to ensure their health and safety so you’ll have peace of mind during the ensuing proceedings.

2. Preserve Relevant Records

The strongest nursing home abuse claims are founded on lots of documentation. From nursing logs and standard operating procedures to medical records and photographs of any visible wounds, you’re going to need to compile all kinds of documents for your case to have a chance of yielding a payout.

If the facility is in possession of any such records, it’s imperative to request copies as soon as possible. Once administrators realize you’re planning on taking legal action, they may be inclined to alter or destroy any documents that could potentially implicate them.

3. Track Recoverable Damages

Before you can recover any damages, you’re going to have to demonstrate their extent. To prove economic damages like medical expenses and relocation costs, you can supply invoices, bills, and receipts.

As for proving non-economic damages, like emotional distress and mental anguish, you may be able to use psychological evaluations and statements from the victim. You and your family members can also testify on the changes you’ve noticed in your loved one’s mood, behavior, and demeanor as a result of the neglect or abuse.

4. Seek Legal Counsel

With so much at stake, it’s wise to turn to a resourceful professional for guidance. The sooner you enlist legal help, the sooner you can start building a strong claim and, subsequently, hold the facility liable for their wrongdoing.

Hiring an attorney from day one will also prevent you from making critical mistakes early in the proceedings that might jeopardize your case down the road. A lawyer will instruct you to stay off social media, for example, and will handle all correspondence with the opposing party on your behalf. This will ensure administrators don’t get the chance to manipulate you into letting them handle the situation internally, which could prove disastrous for your family’s interests.

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