What to Look for in a Vaccine Injury Attorney

qualities to look for in vaccine attorney

If you or your child suffered vaccine-related complications, your family may be entitled to compensation. Since vaccine injury claims are inherently complex, though, it’s wise to seek legal counsel before getting started.  

To ensure your case will be in good hands from day one, make sure to find an attorney who possesses the following:

1. The Right Credentials  

Personal injury cases involving vaccine-related complications do not follow the same proceedings as other tort claims. Instead, vaccine injury claims must go through the United States Court of Federal Claims, which is in Washington D.C.

Since not all lawyers are licensed to practice in this court, you can’t turn to just any attorney for guidance. You’ll have to find someone who is entitled to file a petition in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP).

2. Relevant Experience

If a lawyer was only recently admitted to the Court of Federal Claims, he or she probably doesn’t have extensive experience with vaccine injury claims. While past wins don’t necessarily guarantee future successes, it’s advisable to hire someone who has been handling such petitions for years and who knows what it takes to secure favorable outcomes.

3. Accessibility

You deserve to receive frequent status updates on your case. You also deserve attentive counsel, which includes prompt responses to all inquiries you submit over the course of the proceedings.

While gauging an attorney’s availability before you actually hire him or her can pose a challenge, there is at least one sign that will let you know how responsive he or she will likely be. If you receive a direct means of contact, like a cell phone number, that’s a good sign. If, on the other hand, you’re instructed to go through a legal secretary, you may not get the attention you deserve, and you could end up waiting days for the firm to address each concern.

4. Integrity

Since legal proceedings are unpredictable, a lawyer who practices with integrity will never promise to secure a sizable settlement for a client. Although it’s nice to have an optimistic attorney, you ultimately want guidance from someone who is willing to discuss all possible outcomes with openness and honesty.

Inquiring about the firm’s fee structure can also tell you a lot about their principles. Regarding vaccine injury claims specifically, petitioners are not supposed to pay any legal fees whatsoever. Instead, the court reimburses the practice that represented them for all litigation costs and associated expenditures through the NVICP.

5. Compassion

Recovering from major medical complications is stressful. While you certainly want a lawyer who will take an aggressive approach with the opposing party, you deserve counsel from someone who can empathize with your situation. Conversing with someone who displays warmth and compassion will make it considerably easier to open up about the challenges you’re facing so you can pursue the maximum payout possible.

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