Who Could Be Liable for a Large Truck Crash?

truck on highway

Large truck crashes almost always leave immense devastation in their wake. Because of their sheer size, tractor-trailers are incredibly destructive when they rollover or veer off course, putting those in the vicinity at risk of serious injury and even death. 

What’s most frustrating about these wrecks—especially for the victims—is the fact that they’re fairly easy to prevent. Leading contributors include speeding, fatigue, and faulty brakes. 

Fortunately, when a large truck crash does occur, those who end up getting hurt are usually entitled to compensation. Before they can secure a payout, though, they must determine who was to blame. 

Read on to learn which parties are most often responsible for truck accidents:

1. The Trucker (or Their Employer)

If the collision is attributed to driver error, the trucker will be deemed liable. If they were operating independently at the time, they’ll be financially responsible for the damages. If they were driving for a transportation company on the other hand, the motor carrier will likely be named in the associated claims. 

2. The Fleet’s Mechanic

If a maintenance issue is found to be the primary cause of the crash, the mechanic that was responsible for servicing the vehicle will probably be liable (unless, of course, the motor carrier neglected to have the vehicle serviced at all, in which case they’ll be responsible).

3. A Government Agency 

Public roadways are designed and maintained by city, state, and federal agencies. Should any of these entities overlook essential tasks—or fail to account for big rigs when implementing new traffic patterns—they could be found liable for the accidents that occur as a result. 

4. Another Motorist 

Unfortunately, not all motorists exercise adequate care when maneuvering around 18-wheelers in traffic. If the collision was caused by a negligent driver in a passenger vehicle, victims are going to have to file third-party claims with his or her auto insurance carrier.  

5. The Cargo Loading Contractor 

If the truck tipped over in traffic, there’s a good chance shifting cargo was to blame. Should this end up being the case, the contractor that loaded the trailer will probably be deemed liable. Such companies have an obligation to ensure everything they load is both balanced and secure, so it doesn’t move en route. 

6. A Manufacturer 

If a truck or one of its components is defective, the manufacturer will be responsible for any associated accidents. When this is the case, victims should seek help from a firm that’s well-versed in product liability, as the grounds for such claims are different from those for actions founded on negligence. 

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