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Seek Medical Assistance After a Car Accident

In a split second, your world may have been turned upside down, all from someone else’s negligent action. If you or a loved one was in a motor-vehicle collision in Mississippi, our skilled car accident attorneys in Jackson can protect your best interests.

The effects of a serious wreck can be life-altering. Your injuries, whether temporary or permanent, could prevent you from working in the field of your expertise now and in the future. Your medical bills could be insurmountable, particularly if you lack adequate health care coverage. You could also experience prolonged pain and suffering, forever changing the life you were expecting to lead. Substantial property damage may also be contributing to your stress, particularly if you and your family need your vehicle on a daily basis.

The good news is that the Mississippi car accident lawyers at Brown Bass & Jeter are familiar with the difficulties that can arise from a car collision. Working with a Mississippi car accident lawyer can a make a significant difference in your ability to successfully file your claim, deal with aggressive insurance companies, and pursue your claim. Car accident claims are highly complicated. Often, more than one party can be held responsible for causing the collision. Our auto accident attorneys will aggressively pursue maximum compensation against all negligent parties to help you secure the compensation you are entitled to.

Below are the first things you should do after getting into a crash. If you believe you may have a basis for a claim call today and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney in Jackson

The best way to protect yourself is to contact an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced auto accident attorney at Brown Bass & Jeter, PLLC can ensure that your legal rights and financial interests are fully protected throughout the entirety of the accident claims process.

Seek Medical Assistance Even If Your Injuries Seem Minor

The first thing you should think about after a car accident is the health and safety of every person involved. If you, or anyone else, needs emergency medical help, that comes first. Even if you do not need emergency medical aid, you should still get yourself checked by a doctor out after a car accident. Many common car accident injuries come with delayed onset. This includes head trauma, whiplash, soft tissue damage and back injuries. Beyond your healthy recovery, seeking medical attention is also important for your legal claim. In order to prevail in a car accident claim, you will need official documentation of your injuries.

Notify the Police as Soon as Possible

State or local highway authorities should always be notified after a car accident. You also need to be sure that you get your hands on the police report. You can provide input on the police report to help ensure that the information contained within it is as accurate as possible. Police reports can provide key evidence in disputed car accident claims.

Report Your Auto Accident to the Insurance Company

You should also be sure to report your accident to your insurance company. You do not need to have all the information to report it. Simply report the fact that it occurred. Remember, the insurance company is never truly on your side. After a major accident, it is always best to deal with insurers through your lawyer.

Gather and Secure Relevant Evidence

Successful car accident claims require evidence. You should take steps to secure as much relevant evidence as you can. Try to track down witnesses and get statements, take pictures of your injuries and get your hands on all of your medical records. An attorney can assess your case and determine what additional evidence you will need to support your claim.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid After an Auto Accident

Some of the biggest mistakes are

  • Leaving the scene of the accident before police arrive or getting the information from the other driver.
  • Not documenting the identities of the vehicle by getting down the license and the description of the vehicle and the driver or the driver’s information of any other vehicles involved.
  • Waiting to get medical treatment for your injuries or hoping it will just get better on its own.
  • Giving recorded statements to an insurance company.

You Must Be Able to Prove Liability

You will only be able to hold another party liable for your collision if you can prove that they were to blame for the accident. In Mississippi, blame for a car accident is generally based on the negligence standard. Put simply, negligence in a car accident case is the failure to take proper care when behind the wheel. While negligence seems relatively straightforward, applying it to real world scenarios can become extremely complex. To prove another party was negligent, you will need to prove the following four things:

  • Duty: A duty is a legal obligation to look out for the well-being of another party in a given situation.
  • Breach: A breach is the failure to live up to the aforementioned legal duty.
  • Causation: There must also be a causal connection between the breach of duty and the plaintiff’s injuries.
  • Damages: The plaintiff must have suffered actual compensable damages.

To increase the likelihood of a positive outcome, our Mississippi accident attorneys approach every case as if it will be going to trial. This means we investigate the car accident. We interview witnesses. We gather evidence that proves the other driver was at fault. Contact an accident attorney at Brown Bass & Jeter, PLLC for your free consultation.

What Damages Can You Recover After a Car Crash?

Under Mississippi law, if you are injured in an auto collision, you may recover economic and non-economic damages if you can prove the other party is at-fault and liable for your losses. economic damages may include medical bills and expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, household services, and mileage expenses. Non-economic damages may include loss of consortium, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and mental anguish.

Leading Causes of Car Wrecks

Distracted Driving – Drivers must have their undivided attention on the road. Unfortunately, multiple distractions can prevent drivers from operating their vehicles properly. Some are unavoidable, including heavy traffic and dangerous road conditions, but others are caused by the negligence of drivers, such as cellphone use and texting while driving. When distracted driving causes accidents and serious personal injuries, the offending drivers should be held responsible for the damage their actions cause. We have the skills and legal resources to prove fault, even when liability is initially unclear.

Drunk Driving – We know how to effectively handle drunk driving accident claims involving civil and criminal elements. Breathalyzer results and other sources of evidence can be invaluable in helping us prove fault against drunk drivers. We are committed to helping you pursue a civil personal injury claim to help you recover the compensation you are entitled to. When motorists choose to get behind the wheel after drinking, everyone on the road is put at risk. Drunk drivers and the bars and taverns that serve them can face criminal and civil charges for their negligent actions.

Head-On Collisions- Head-on collisions are often the most violent types of car accidents, due to the great force that is put upon the drivers and occupants of cars, trucks and other vehicles that are hit head on. There is a significant risk of serious injury in head-on collisions, including fatal injuries, that can leave victims and their families devastated. We understand the factors that contribute to head-on collisions and how to thoroughly investigate these kinds of cases to pursue the compensation our clients deserve.

Injuries to Passengers – When car accidents happen, it is not only the drivers who are at risk of injury. Passengers in cars, trucks, vans and other automobiles are also susceptible to serious injuries. For passengers who are injured in auto accidents, the question of how to recover compensation is an important one, and an experienced attorney can provide you with answers. Even if you are unsure about filing a personal injury claim or you have questions, it is worth your time to talk with one of our experienced accident lawyers.

Multiple Vehicle Accidents – Any car accident case can be complicated, but when more than two cars are involved, matters can become significantly more complex. Drivers often blame each other for the harm caused, and it can be a challenge for plaintiffs to effectively prove fault. Your lawyer may have to deal with multiple insurance companies and their lawyers, as well as witnesses, medical experts and accident reconstructionist. The lawyer you hire must know how to handle these complex matters to obtain the best possible results. Many multiple vehicle accidents go beyond the average fender bender. Often, these accidents cause significant injuries, including whiplash and neck injury, spinal cord injury and paralysis, brain damage, scarring and disfigurement, burns and wrongful death. If you have been injured in an accident in which multiple vehicles were involved, it is crucial that you have a skilled car accident lawyer in Jackson to assist you in addressing the matter of compensation.

Rear-End Collisions – in a rear-end collision, the consequences can range from relatively minor vehicle damage to life-altering injuries. Many of these rear-end collisions are caused by overly aggressive and distracted driving from the driver who hit the other vehicle from behind. When insurance companies try to defend these cases, they may shift the blame and try to claim that a short stop left the trailing driver no time to react. They may also try to minimize the seriousness of the damage caused in the accident. At the law offices of Brown Bass & Jeter, PLLC., we have helped may car accident victims recover fair compensation for their medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Rollover Accidents – Rollovers can happen for a variety of reasons and typically involve serious injuries or wrongful death. Vehicles such as pickup trucks, SUVs and oversized vans are top-heavy and more likely to roll over than sedans or other cars. Car manufacturers are aware of the connection between a higher center of gravity and an increased propensity to roll over in an accident. Unfortunately, despite lobbying from consumer groups and others about design changes and safety features, these have not always been heeded by car manufacturers. Common causes of rollover accidents include road defects, product liability issues such as faulty brakes or steering and negligence on the part of other drivers.

You Can Afford an Auto Accident Lawyer

Many car accident victims worry that they will not be able to afford a qualified lawyer. After all, lawyers are really expensive, right? This is a common, and damaging, misconception. You can absolutely afford a lawyer for your car accident injury claim. In fact, you cannot afford not to hire one. At Brown Bass & Jeter, PLLC, our Mississippi car accident lawyers will take your case on a contingency fee basis. Simply put, you will not owe any money unless we recover for you!

Contact a Jackson Car Accident Lawyer Today

Sustaining serious injury as a result of an auto accident can be a life-altering experience, but it doesn’t have to severely hinder or limit your future. Whether you were injured as a result of driver negligence, hazardous road conditions, or a weather-related collision, you do have the right to fight for compensation for the harms and losses you have suffered. If you are suffering from an auto accident injury in Mississippi, contact the car accident attorneys at Brown Bass & Jeter, PLLC today for a free, initial legal consultation. Dial 601-487-8448 to speak with a member of our team.

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